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PRENUP – The great prenup pros and cons list

Considering a prenup? should you sign a prenup? does marriage contract suits your needs? I know what you are going to do next. You are going to make a prenup pros and cons list.  Maybe you are not going to write them down, maybe you  only going to make the list in your head or talk about it with your family [...]

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PRENUP – Your sweetheart doesn’t want to sign a Prenuptial agreement?

You don’t understand how it went that way. All you have done is ask your baby to sign a prenup. Why is it such a big deal? Why is she in such a shock? Prenuptial agreements are quite popular right now doesn’t she know it? you really don't understand. Don’t worry I will explain. Not only that, [...]

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Prenup – are you afraid to sign a prenuptial agreement?

So you're in love and decided to get married. The engagement ceremony was beautiful and you just can't wait for the wedding. Suddenly your fiancé  comes with a long face. What is he saying and why the hell he is suddenly stuttering? What's that? A prenuptial agreement? a prenup?!! How can this happen to me? [...]

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