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100% of all married couples sign a prenup! wait, what?!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today  to join this man and this woman in unknowingly and unintentionally signing a prenuptial agreement... speak now or forever hold your peace, ok ill speak but not everyone is going to like it. from time to time when I mention the idea of a prenup and prenup meaning to people they [...]

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Prenuptial Agreement: How to Write a Fair & Lasting Contract – book review

recently I posted my guide for preparing your own prenup cheaply and easily without needing large resources. (on prenup meaning you can read here) it occurred to me that there are people that like to explore things more thoroughly, especially when such important issues like a prenuptial agreement is on the line. so to help those that seek more information I will [...]

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prenup guide 2016- do it yourself prenup, make your own prenup

Sure, movie stars and millionaires can afford the expensive lawyers and law firms and can have a big crew preparing the prenup. But the most of us don't have the means to hire some bigshot lawyer to make our prenuptial agreement. furthermore, most of us don't have a big list of assets, houses and investment account that require [...]

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