Considering a prenup? should you sign a prenup? does marriage contract suits your needs?
I know what you are going to do next. You are going to make a prenup pros and cons list.  Maybe you are not going to write them down, maybe you  only going to make the list in your head or talk about it with your family and friends, but you are going to make a list. Yes, you do! so stop arguing with me 😡  . Luckily (for you ) I already made the most comprehensive list of prenup  pros and cons  in the world (well maybe just the most comprehensive at this site but you get the drift  😀 ) and you can borrow some of my pros and cons to your list. If you thought of something I didn’t (as if it is possible 😉 ) write in the comments and I will add it to the list with credit to you. so should you sign a prenup? or maybe you shouldn’t? read on and find out. first things first – if you don’t know exactly what’s a prenup you need to read this prenup definitionwhat is a prenup

prenup pros and cons


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Let’s start. while  stating the prenuptial agreement pros and cons We will start with the cons, to get it over with.

there is a reason why so few prenups signed

prenup : the big list of prenup’s cons

  1. To talk at the beginning of a relationship about the way it is going to end is problematic…The last thing you want to do when you are in love is talking about the possibility of divorce, breakup and other icky stuff.
  2. At the beginning of the relationship usually, the two parties are deeply in love. Each party can agree to terms that are not in their best interest, after all, they are blinded by love and don’t “care” about finance and other stuff that are discussed in the prenuptial agreement.
  3. We are not prophets; we can’t really foresee what ahead of us is in the future. We can’t really forecast potential issues, and things we decide now on the prenup can compromise our future life.
  4. A prenup can make you give up some of your inheriting rights in the case of your spouse death. Without the prenup, you would be entitled to inherit some of his estates if he doesn’t have a will. but after a prenup, you will be only entitled to what is agreed upon on the prenup.
  5. It may be that your spouse is wealthier than you or owns a business he built without you, but after you get married you may be contributing to the success of the business and the prenup will not reflect that
  6. If you leave your career to become a housewife and take care of the children you actually help your spouse to build his career and a prenuptial agreement may only take into account the past and not the future
  7. A prenup can cause couples to have a light finger on the divorce trigger. It would make a divorce so much easier and might rush a divorce that would not have happened otherwise
  8. In a case where a prenup makes one side lose a lot in a divorce, it can make the relationship lasts much longer than it should. And both parties would live together loveless life and end up hating each other and being miserable
  9. On perfect world, the two parties will want the prenup just as bad, but in reality, most of the time one side pushes for the prenuptial agreement and the other side reluctantly dragged along.  Sometimes one side even forces the other to agree, by threats or ultimatum.
  10. Many couples get married very young with little knowledge of marriage, finance and other things that are discussed in the prenup. They just can’t understand the things they are giving away and the rights they abounded.
  11. Most prenups are made to solve problems in case of divorce. But what happens if the spouse dies without the will? The prenup stands and the living partner loses his rights even if the marriage was a good marriage and  full with love, and the dead party would have wanted his love to have everything.
  12. Divorce laws were made with great thought and consideration with the intention to protect each party in case of divorce. The prenup comes and makes those rules redundant. And the couple actually trusts some lawyer more than the legislator.
  13. There is a secret partner to all marriage. I am speaking of cures about the married couples families.  The married couple knows and trusts each other but their families usually don’t. The mention of a prenup can arouse suspiciously and distrust among the families which will eventually sink and penetrate the couple relationship.



now that you are convinced prenups are bad it is time to start talking in their favor is it not?

cheer for prenup

prenup : the big list of prenup’s pros

  1. Is this your second marriage? The prenuptial agreement can protect the rights your children from the previous marriage. We all know that a stepfather or stepmother relationship with the stepchildren is tricky, to say the least, and in the case of the biological parent a prenup can come handy.
  2. Your partner knows you have more assets and money from him, and he doesn’t want to take advantage of you. He doesn’t want you or anybody else questioning his motives for marrying you. He really  loves you, baby!
  3. If this is your second marriage and own a business the prenup can protect your soon to be wife to control your business and your former wife can’t claim a part of it.
  4. In the beginning of the relationship we are blinded from love and things like finance doesn’t seem important. Sometimes when we are ” awoken” and things goes sour we might need a prenuptial agreement
  5. Can you tell what the two most important elements of good marriage are?  Don’t answer it, dummy, it is a rhetorical 😉 . The two most important elements of good marriage are the ability to communicate efficiency and the ability to comprise. And how will you learn it fast? You guessed it – a prenup. The negotiating of prenuptial agreement will force you to communicate with each other and you will centrally make a great deal of compromise. Trust me 😀 .
  6. If one of you is in great debt the prenup can protect the other one from be accounted for the debt
  7. Sometimes a couple decides that one of them would leave his career after the marriage and a prenup can make sure he doesn’t lose from this decision
  8. Now when you are in love you can’t imagine ever splitting up. You also sure that even if you will split it would be friendly divorce. But if this was the case than divorce attorney would starve and not be driven their Ferraris. I hope your love will last forever but just in case…
  9. When one side comes to the marriage significantly richer it is only fair that the other side won’t have the claim for all that wealth
  10. A lot of couples that are going to get married doesn’t really know about each other financial situation. The work on the prenup makes them explore this and they go into the marriage open-eyed and there are not in the dark about their partner assets and debts.
  11. One can look at marriage as going into partnership with your husband/wife. The prenuptial agreements are like a business plan, you set up a frame for the financial aspect of the relationship marking up obligations and goals
  12. When married couples decide to get a divorce in many cases the most controversial topic is the topic of alimony. This topic causes great disputes and quarrels and adds fuel to the already flammable situation. Prenup cat takes care of that in advance and helps the marriage end in good nature and the divorce are much easier.
  13. Take your future into your own hands – a prenuptial agreement gives you and your spouse the chance to take your own destiny into your own hands and not give yourself to the mercy of courts and lawyers.
  14. I hope you will stay happily married until the end of time, but in a case that you actually get a divorce, a prenup will save you from a divorce that takes forever to settle. Believe me when you do want to divorce you want to be done with it as fast as possible and a prenup will help you do just that.
  15. Of course, you want to share everything with yours soon to be wife, except that only ring that going in your family for generations. A prenup can help you exclude a specific item from the Joint property.
  16. Sure we both have nothing just now but what if you expect to inherit some big Inheritance you might want to protect it in advanced with prenuptial agreement
  17. Yes, the children usually go to the mother in case of a divorce but what about the cat? You will look kind of silly in court arguing who gets Tom. Better to settle it in advance with a prenup.
  18. t much, so much easier to set an agreement when both parties are in love and happy. So making it at this state in the honeymoon phase will save much trouble from discussing it later when you want to reach for each other throats
  19. OK, I didn’t want to mention it but I feel I must. There are occasions when one spouse is a fake. He doesn’t really love the other one. He really is in it for the money. If you’ll discuss a prenup his (or hers…) true nature will come out. Better safe than sorry.
  20. The wedding is not just a movie scene, it is not just love and tears of happiness – it is also an obligating contract between the parties, it just makes sense to agree first on the terms of that contract don’t you think?

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